Crackwell Legacy, The + Crackwell 2 Unhinged Francisco Gonzalez, Davy Stedham / Grundislav Games 2007

Not only mainstream games are parodied, even indie games cannot escape the vile claws. The Crackwell Legacy takes a few characters and events from The Blackwell Legacy and turns things around. Just like the original game, it is an AGS point-and-click adventure game. Throwing in a lot of profanity, the main goal of this 3-room game is to have Rosangela Crackwell (Rosangela Blackwell) get rid of the dog of her neighbour Shecanteat Sharma (Nishanti Sharma) with the help of Blowey Malone (Joey Malone). In the original game, Joey is a ghost that protects and guides the Blackwell family, but in this game his job is to protect the family members from a crack overdose. The game is very short, but the characters have been fully voiced and bear a likeness to those of the original game. Crackwell Unhinged (2011) The prequel to The Crackwell Legacy and parody of Wadjet Eye Games' Blackwell Unbound tells the story of Lauren Crackwell (ancestor of Rosangela Crackwell), a strung out crack-whore in New York City 1984, as she deals with her daily job to find her next crack. A ghost Blowey accompanies Lauren, while she is meeting her neighbor Hecanteat Schwarma and the deadly Madam. This very short traditional 3rd person perspective point-n-click adventure game contains fully voiced characters and developer's commentary.
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