80.08 CloudScapeGT 2017

For unknown reasons, you find yourself trapped in a representation of your mind. As a prisoner, you are required to complete certain tasks to keep your sanity. Inside this cell, however, nothing is what it seems and confusion is your natural state. Will you have the courage to face the beings that have infected and imprisoned your mind? Will you be able to discern reality from the lies your captors scream? It is time to escape. Even if escaping means facing something unexpected. Are you ready to remember? Features: Read and Write your way out. Interact with documents and write your thoughts using a custom editor. Every word you read or write will give you "strength" to face your captors. Explore your mind/prison: Move through multiple places that will give you hints about yourself and the motives behind your imprisonment. Some clues and parts of your story are all around you. Solve puzzles: Face the different manifestations of the beings that have infected you. Only your mind can break their structure. Musical and visual challenges: Practice your concentration and exercise your senses in order to complete some of the tasks required by the beings in your mind. 50.05: Explore the additional chapter in the story free with 80.08. Multiple languages: Play in English or Spanish.
50.05 - Free Chapter *requires original game (uploaded by Steam)

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