Franklin the Turtle: Goes to School Knowledge Adventure 2000

This features Franklin, his friends Beaver, Bear, Snail, Goose, Fox and Badger and teacher Mr. Owl. The school has three areas to explore with three games in each area and three levels in most (not all) of the games. Finishing ten games earns the player a sticker in his or her school bag. The Schoolhouse offers Franklin's Stick Puppets (measuring size and matching numbers), Snail's Neighborhood Designer (making posters with stickers) and Mr. Owl's Story Nook (stories written by the characters). In the Playground, the three games are Franklin's Bug Hunt (sorting by characteristics), Bear's Lunchbox Mix-Up (recognition, alphabet and memory) and Beaver's I Spot in Mousetown (phonics). The final area, the Theatre Tent includes School Band (listening and sing-along tunes), Badger's Play Writer (creativity) and Franklin's Flying Flags (counting, numbers, addition and subtraction). Activities and games focus on props and subjects including stick puppets, costumes, a variety of stickers (e.g., building, people, plant, tree, vehicles), nature, storytelling, sounds (rhyming, singing, phonics), beginning math and rewards for completing the tasks correctly. Players earn an invitation to the class graduation ceremony by earning all three stickers from each activity and receive a printable diploma of achievement; progress reports, as well as stickers acquired, can also be printed. A second CD contains printable activity pages, suggestions for parents to augment activities, a content guide and movies showing the creators of Franklin and previews of the television show and movies.
ISO Demo 110MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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