001 Game Creator SoftWeir Inc. 2015

Create games without limits - this prides itself on offering users a diverse set of tools and features to create any type of game you can think of: PC, Steam, Android, iOS, HTML5 with multi-finger gestures and network testing; Online Multiplayer/LAN/Networking (supports both TCP and UDP); Multiple layer map editor with parallax canvases; 2D/3D camera system with 7.1 3D HD audio; Split-screen games with multiple gamepad support; Sprite layer, 3D model and particle effect systems; Dynamic resource loading/unloading to improve; performance/reduce memory usage for larger games; Interface/HUD designer; Built-in graphics editor; AI action battle mechanics and actor routes; Choice of graphical script and text code editors with game debugger, variable watching and statistics. Graphically Assisted Scripting - it offers creators the ability to craft intuitive and imaginative games without any prior coding knowledge. This is especially beneficial to artists and designers who prefer a more hands-on and visualised approach or developers who don't wish to spend hours bashing their head against a wall. Unlike traditional Event-Driven Programming applications, it offers a huge set of built-in events, with the ability to also create custom events for specific tailor-made functionality just for your games. It allows developers to build their games for Windows PCs (exe) - with Steam API support (achievements, statistics, etc.), HTML5 (js/html) and mobile devices (apk) all-in-one. Unlike other similar engines, it provides developers with the freedom to create their games for all available platforms without paying anything extra. Best of all, there are no additional license or revenue fees for selling your games - so if you've purchased a copy, you can sell your games without having to share the profits. It gives developers the tools to create ambitious online multiplayer/co-op experiences with built-in networking features (TCP/IP). In addition, it also allows developers to create local multiplayer experiences with up to four players - with multiple gamepad support included. It unlocks the doors to a wide range of possibilities. Make any game you can think of, including (but not limited to) RPGs, shoot-'em-ups, racing games, fighting games, simulation games, platformers, tower defense, card games and even 3D games. If you can imagine it, you can create it with 001 Game Creator. Included base games: Action-RPG Template, 3D Action-RPG Template, Platformer Template, Online Peer-to-Peer Fighting Game, Online Tic-Tac-Toe, 3D Mystery Adventure, Tower Defense, Role-Playing Game Demo, Space Shooter, Go Fish! Card Game.

See also: #3D FPS / Survival Horror Kit

Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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