Can You See What I See?: Curfuffle's Collectibles Dekovir, Inc. 2008

Can You See What I See? is an adaptation of a book by the photographer Walter Wick, about a toy shop. It is one of those hidden object games, where the player has to find and click objects on the screen within a time limit. Instead of removing it, the game pins down the object with a SOLD tag. The game allows zooming without loss of detail. In some screens, the list of objects is replaced by a riddle. Each stage (or order forms, as the game calls them) starts with five hints. Extra hints can be collected by finding Seymour, a red and yellow doll, or by playing the jumble jar mini-game. The jar is filled with assorted objects that must be dragged and dropped in to their respective bins. There are some mini-games between the stages. One is a cryptogram that must be solved by arranging alphabet blocks. There's also a memory match game.
Full Demo 40MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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