Castle / Castle: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover GameMill Entertainment LLC / Gunnar Games, Inc. / Global Software Publishing Ltd. 2012

Castle is a hidden-object murder mystery adventure game based on ABC Studios' TV Series with the same title, featuring Nathan Fillion as a murder mystery novel writer, Richard Castle. In order to get more inspiration for his novels, he teams up with a NYPD, namely Kate Beckett who he falls in love with, and two detectives, Ryan and Esposito. The story is set sometimes between seasons 4 and 6 when Victoria Gates is acting as a Captain of an NYPD. The game uses photo-realistic art style for character portraits which makes them look very much like actual actor stills. While character stills are constant and don't change expressions during dialogues, occasional in-game characters may slightly change poses when used on the backdrop image. The voice-acting is not present during dialogues, and dialogues themselves can be skipped. During the gameplay, various items can be picked up or used in combination with other objects, while glowing hidden-objects scenes require of you to find a plethora of various objects in order to acquire a specific one among them. Beside the textual description of the objects you're searching, you can also check silhouette view if that approach seem more helpful or if some words are unfamiliar. The story starts with a murder. One in a series of murders which are re-enacted to look like scenes from various classic novels. During exploration you can traverse various locations, search for items, talk to witnesses and suspects, and acquire clues. Additionally, the victim board will fill with gathered clues about the victim, witnesses and suspects. City map shows a golden badge pin on locations where you still need to do something which helps directing you toward the next clue or area of interest. Rechargeable hint button can be used to highlight point of interest, while during hidden-object scenes it points to one of the objects you are still looking for. Beside exploration and hidden-event gameplay elements, the game features lots of puzzles which contain a help screen telling you how to solve them, as well as a skip button to bypass the puzzles without seeing a solution.
1-Hour Trial Demo 277MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)
Multi8 ISO Demo 855MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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