Murdercide 2017 Powerhoof 2017

For Freelance Police-Detective Jonathan Murphy P.I, it's just another slow day boogie-boarding the meme waves in the dystopian near-future... Until he's called down to the Rift Zone to investigate another case of murder gone deadly. A case that Murphy won't soon forget. I mean there's no reason he would... It's not like he's been asked to memorize a really long number or something. I can remember loads of dumb stuff from like 20 years ago, and none of it was anywhere near this exciting. Play as post-millennial investigator Jon Murphy, as you point and click your way through a soft-boiled cyberpunk detective story. Featuring over 20 minutes of recorded dialogue - a LOT for a game that's only 10 minutes long. What can I say, dumb cyberpunk jokes are fun to write.
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