Please Knock on My Door Levall Games AB 2017

This is a story-driven game which gives you control over a person suffering from depression and social anxiety. Help them get through work and reach out to friends while desperately trying to survive. Experience the frailty these themes bring and gain a better understanding of what it's like to live with some of the most common mental health issues today. Features: A compelling and emotional story offering a voice to those who have none; A fully voiced narrator who always has your best in mind - probably; A gameplay system which adds to the weight of every story-choice you make; No "Game Over" screen, only alternate endings that tie into your choices; A soundtrack that has been tailor-made for this experience; Relationships that can be developed or broken; Game length varies depending on your choices, ranging from 1-3 hours with enough content that you can come back and explore different parts of the narrative in consequent playthroughs; As in real life, all of your choices are immediately saved. There is only one save.
Download: None currently available

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