Alone Without Her Dizzy Media 2018

Release Date: Oct 3 Sci-Fi Drama Video Game revolving around the story of a man who loses his wife after attempting a new experiment, allowing them to be frozen for 1,000 years. Experience a story like nothing before, an episodic Sci-Fi adventure pulling you into the past and the future, taking games like The Walking Dead, Life Is Strange and TRON Evolution, putting them into a blender and making an indie game smoothie. Features: Rich Storyline, Story Based Gameplay, Cinematic Cutscenes using Cinema Director Pro, Animated Character Facial Features, Character Voice Overs, Episodic Series (Similar to telltale games), Hard Choices To Make, Multiple Endings, And Much More. It's in collaboration with Cinema Suite Inc. creating motion capture for realistic animations using the Perception Neuron suit. Erik Todd Dellums is on board for doing voice over for a character in the game who's worked in: Fallout 3 (Three Dog), Star Wars TOR (Prince Arcann), Skyrim (Nazir), League of Legends (Nasus).
Download: None currently available

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