Creative Learning Series: Multiplication / Division Vision Software 1988

This educational software is aimed at Grades 3-8. Discover the exciting new program which is fun and easy to use. These five learning activities will build accuracy, speed and confidence while monitoring student's progress as they begin to master important math skills. This package includes five different programs: Basic Multiplication Facts - Conquer the basics. Students are encouraged to tackle the skills needed for beginning multiplication. The multiplication symbol as well as the horizontal and vertical formats are presented to beginning students; Basic Division Facts - Divide and conquer. Students are taught the basics of division as they learn to recognize the division symbol and the horizontal vertical method of problem-solving; Multiplication Problems - It's not a problem. Students are given an opportunity to practice their skills through a series of multiplication problems. Problem size ranges from up to four digits to multiply with up to two digits; Division Problems - Practice makes perfect. Students are given a chance to perfect their division skills as they practice on problems ranging from one-two digit divisors and two-five digit dividends; Multiplication and Division Problems - Problems, problems go away. Drill and practice will make problems go away. Students are given the chance to practice their skills as they solve both multiplication and division problems. Options include: Demonstration - This activity presents sample problems and demonstrates problem-solving; Examples With Help - Students are given clues to solve problems and must give the correct answer to complete the problem; Do It Yourself - This activity challenges students to solve problems independently; Speed Drill - Students are encourage to accurately solve problems while racing against the clock; Step-by-Step Problems - Students are given prompts to aid problem-solving. Additional features: Positive Reinforcement, Score Keeping, Entry and Exit at Any Level, Option to Review, Random Number Generation.
Floppy Image ISO Demo (provided by basseta & upped by Scaryfun) 95kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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