Creative Learning Series: Decimal / Fractions / Percents Vision Software 1988

Discover the exciting new program which is fun and easy to use. These four learning activities will build accuracy, speed and confidence while monitoring student's progress as they begin to master important math skills. These four programs include: Changing Decimals to Percents - It's time to make a change. Students will learn to change decimals to percents by correctly moving the decimal point in the problem; Percent of a Number - Numbers up. Students are encouraged to make the change from a percent to a decimal and to multiply it by a whole number to find the percent of that number; Changing Fractions to Decimals - Make the change from fractions to decimals. Fractions can be made into decimals by just dividing the numerator by the denominator; Comparing Decimals - Take the ultimate challenge and dare to compare. Students are given two numbers and must decide which is greater. An emphasis is put on place value. Options include: Demonstration - This activity presents sample problems and demonstrates problem-solving; Examples With Help - Students are given clues to solve problems and must give the correct answer to complete the problem; Do It Yourself - This activity challenges students to solve problems independently; Speed Drill - Students are encouraged to accurately solve problems while racing against the clock; Step-by-Step Problems - Students are given prompts to aid problem-solving. Additional Features: Positive Reinforcement, Option to Review, Score Keeping, Random Number Generation, Entry and Exit at Any Level.
Full Demo 128kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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