Hello Kitty: Bubblegum Girlfriends ImaginEngine Corp. / ValuSoft, Inc. 2005

This is a series of 8 minigames featuring Hello Kitty and her friends. Tea Cup Croquet: Hello Kitty and her friends take turns trying to get the croquet ball through a series of hoops. Collectively, they only have a certain number of tries to accomplish all the goals for a given course. Sky Bubble Popper: A Puzz Loop clone in which Hello Kitty floats in space launching bubbles at a bubble flow in an effort to pop them all before they round the celestial shape. Cupcake Trampoline: In this Breakout clone, Hello Kitty and a friend use a trampoline to bounce a squirrel up and down in order to collect cupcakes. Rainbow Gardening: Make the garden suitable for planting by clearing the snails. Do this by rearranging the snails in lines of 3 or more according to color so that they vanish. Bubble Gum Taxi: A puzzle involving shopping and Tetris-like pieces. Crazy Cookie Race: Hello Kitty is in charge of a cookie factory and must keep the conveyor belts busy with cookies and decoration while loading the finished product into boxes. Her friends help her out by providing ingredients, but Hello Kitty must manage the mixing of the ingredients as well. Pie Poppin' Dance: Match fruit to make Hello Kitty dance. Beach Bubble Frenzy: Hello Kitty rides the ocean in an inner-tube. She needs to fire bubbles at various items she lost in order to recover them.
ISO Demo 107MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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