Untitled Story, An Matt Makes Games 2007

This is a metroidvania video game by Matt Thorson. The story revolves around an egg that has fallen from his nest, and begins to explore the world around him. It's a chilled-out hardcore wonderland of action discovery, plus an unidentifiable je ne sais quoi that just makes you want to drink it down in one gulp and then spit out a rainbow. You start out as a lonely egg in a nest. You can jump right away, but all of your other abilities must be discovered and earned. But there is no clear path to your goals, and indeed no clear goals. You will spend your time upgrading your abilities by locating blue orbs, upgrading your health meter by finding hearts, and defeating bosses by jumping on their heads when they are vulnerable. Over time, you will uncover the shattered fragments of a plot-line, find avian love, and even reveal the dark secrets of your world. Initially priced at $1, it was later made freeware in 2008.
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Freeware Game 19.4MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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