Christmasville NevoSoft LLC / SpinTop Games 2007

Usually, as a private investigator, Arthur Knight is used to weird cases. But going to North Pole, by being knocked out by an Abominable Snowman that is begging him to find Santa Claus, was something that he thought impossible. Arthur, convinced that he's not dreaming, will do everything in his power to save Christmas... even if he must meet some weird creatures or Death herself. Christmasville is an hidden object game, with minigames. In a certain amount of time, you have to find items whose names or silhouettes are given in a list. When it's done, you have to click on them in order to making progress. If you're stuck, you can ask for an hint/tip. That system for helping you is available for all minigames: "spot the differences", where you're given two pictures and you have to find the differences by clicking on them, "decipher the message", by switching letters, "reconstitute the picture", etc..
Full Demo 29MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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