Clumsys, The Gogii Games Corp. / Big Fish Games, Inc 2008

The scientist Albert builds a time machine in his backyard. His grandson Tim and friends use the machine when no one is watching, and disappear into the past. Tim's mom must find the children and collect all he junk the kids left behind in the past, to avoid a time paradox. The Clumsys is a hidden object game with a time travel theme. Instead of finding the usual list of objects, the player has to travel through time and click on objects that don't belong to the period. Some of those objects are used to build gadgets that help on the search. The inconsistency locator provides hints for the position of objects. It slowly recharges after use, with four modes, each gradually more explicit than the other (the first shows an arrow in the general direction of the object, the last highlights it). Each screen takes place on a different time period where one of the 20 kids have to be found. Once all the anachronistic objects are removed from the scene, the player has to collect objects that have been moved by the child (a list appears with their silhouettes and name), and restore them back to their original place.
Full Demo 81MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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