Count of Monte Cristo, The / SpinTop Games 2008

The Count of Monte Cristo is a hidden object game based on the 1846 classic novel by the French writer Alexandre Dumas. The player assumes the role of Edmond Dant├Ęs, a man seeking revenge for a betrayal that sent him to prison. Each screen is a scene taken from the book, with a list at the bottom of objects that must be found and clicked before time runs out. Consecutive wrong clicks take 30 seconds off the timer. After Edmond's escape from prison (that acts as a prelude to the game), each chapter follows his investigation of one of eight suspects, comprised of several locations. Mini-games appear between chapters, and most are implementations of well-known casual titles and common puzzles, like Sudoku, tile matching, sliding-tile and jigsaw puzzles. They can be skipped with a penalty of ten minutes and the removal of all the available hints. The hint button at the bottom-right has five charges, represented as emeralds. It shows the exact position of one of the required objects. Extra gems can be collected on a bonus scene at the start of the next chapter.
Clone ISO Demo 214MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 39MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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