Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Adam Markey, Pogie, Simon Rice 2015

First released in 1992 on many different systems, it was the last Dizzy game made by Codemasters. It has now been given a graphical de-make to the likes of the 8 bit classics. Not just that but unlike the original version, this one has been made into a traditional Dizzy style game and is no longer split into four levels. Furthermore the game also comes with special menu options like in previous DizzyAGE remakes, and the Cherries in the game now serve a purpose, so if you collect all 60 wait and see what happens when you complete the game. Everything else in the game is very similar unlike the graphics and extra bits, it has the same story as the original and as always features the lovable character of Dizzy talking to the YolkFolk villagers, while solving puzzles, avoiding snakes and rolling about with a smile on his face.
Free Game v1.01 8MB (uploaded by Official Site)
C64 & Amiga emulated versions included in Dizzy: 30th Anniversary Collection 397MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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