Luna and the Moonling Greyborn Studios 2017

Early Access Release This is an adventure puzzle game starring two determined and adorable friends that must work together to save their kingdom. Switch between Luna and her Moonling friend, each with unique abilities, to solve the riddles of the Moon Isles and save Luna's father from a terrible curse. Venture to the Moon Isles in search of a cure for her father, the king. Along the way she will face many dangers and helpful creatures as she works her way through the many challenges put in place by the ancients to protect their secrets. Inspired by the greatest "push block" puzzle games throughout history and improved upon with new gameplay and modern visuals, it's meant to be enjoyed by both old-school gamers and newer generations of gamers alike and reflects our values of creating fun and challenging games under our "Retro Reimagined" philosophy. Features: Created by experienced developers of award-winning games; Hours of mind-bending puzzles; A joyful and relaxing atmosphere; Optional challenges for every level; Story with cinematics; Original musical score; Innovative puzzle mechanics and creatures; Designed with future adventures in mind; Full controller and keyboard support.
Download: None currently available

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