Dora The Explorer: 3D Backpack Adventure Pepworks 2002

This is a different game than Dora The Explorer: Backpack Adventure. It's made with Shockwave. Help Dora collect the library books that Swiper has hidden. What you have to do is lead Dora through a pathway and collect the books. Also, Swiper can be stopped by moving Dora toward him. You can also collect special postcards by walking through the gates of the main path. This adds a bit more variety and makes the game more enjoyable. The game offers three difficulty levels to choose from based on your child's computer game experience. However, the only change you will notice between the three is the number of books that your child has to collect. Unlike other Dora's games, this one doesn't have much educational content. Dora says phrases in both English and Spanish, but there is not much interaction with her. At the end of the game, when you've found all the books, she counts them to help your child learn the numbers.
Full Demo (3D Groove SX) 2.9MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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