Janki: Ladies Mahjong League Succubus / Apple Pie 1996

This is an adult Mahjong game with hentai images. The heroine was a well renown singer who's part of a performing troupe. She'd grown up with the troupe, and to her the troupe was her family. One day a royal summon arrived, requesting for her to be the kingdom's royal singer... and with the troupe's encouragement, she accepted the summon and was taken away to the castle. She was told that she was summoned because the King had once heard her voice and wanted her to be his royal singer, that it couldn’t be anyone but her, but when she arrived the King didn't show any sign of this. In fact, he barely acknowledged her arrival, and no one else in the castle seemed to have the need for a royal singer. So why, exactly, was she invited to stay in the castle...?
Proper Japanese ISO Demo 314MB (provided by myloch & upped by Scaryfun) & Install Disk - Floppy Image ISO 199kb (thanks to myloch)

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