Ode Reflections Interactive / Ubisoft 2017

From the makers of Grow Home and Grow Up, here you control & transform Joy, a fallen star who lands in a beautiful land of light and sound. Navigate this mesmerizing musical garden in this unique experience completely at your own pace. Bring the world around you to life & return fallen stars to the sky. Embark on a journey of pure joy, where every interaction with the environment has an immediate positive visual & aural reaction. Transform your character as you collect fallen stars and ascend through 4 fantasy worlds, revealing melodic landscapes to which you add layer upon layer of music to create a crescendo of sound and light. Like an orchestral conductor, awaken the musical magic within each level to create a mesmerizing musical garden. Minimal guidance leads to complete freedom of exploration where the combination of light, movement and music creates a pure sensory experience.
Download: None currently available

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