Rescue at Rajini Island BrutoMemo Entertainment / Seven Sails / Big Fish Games, Inc 2009

Captain Walsh and his team discovered Rajini Island and went to investigate its ancient ruins. We haven't heard from them in three months. Your job is to locate them and their work. Rescue at Rajini Island is a hidden object and puzzle game. You will be presented with a screen. Some screens have you locate hidden items listed on the right. Some may require you to locate twenty items, like food, optical devices, cutting tools, etc. You may be told to locate the pages of a diary. You may need to locate the items whose silhouettes are shown on the right. Some screens will require you to move or click on items in a certain order or place an item on the screen at a certain spot to move along. You will use your mouse to click on the hidden items or manipulate items on the screen.
Full Demo 71MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo 78MB (uploaded by speedracer)

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