Hide & Secret 3: Pharaoh's Quest Anarchy Enterprises / Big Fish Games, Inc. 2009

Anna Lyze and Will Scout, two globe-trotting relic hunters, have to find the missing artifacts linked to an ancient Pharaoh and queen of Egypt. They must travel around the planet and gather the necessary items to reunite the souls of the two lovers in the afterlife. Hide & Secret 3: Pharaoh's Quest is a hidden object game with elements of the adventure genre. The main objective is to explore Egyptian ruins and locations searching for certain key items to solve puzzles. These crucial objects can be found laying around or amongst the required entries in the hidden object screens. The player moves from place to place in a standard point-and-click fashion, by clicking on the exit hotspots usually placed on the edges of the screen. Some locations are used twice, in the hidden object and adventure sections. The hidden object scenes display a list at the bottom of the screen, and the goal is to carefully search the cluttered scenery and click on all the required items. After finishing it, the player receives one of the inventory objects. Occasionally, jigsaw puzzles and other variations appear on a window at the center of the screen when entering a new location. Sometimes they also award the player with one of the key tools when completed. The inventory roster can be selected from a small window at the bottom left, from where all the available items can be selected, dragged and dropped on parts of the scenery to solve puzzles. The passports have to be used on the airplane to fly off to other countries. The hint button shows the exact position of one of the required objects, and extra hints can be found and collected as small pyramids scattered around the locations.
Full Demo 73.5MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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