Hard Hat 1-4 Damaged Games 2003

This is a series of fan-made games similar to the original Mega Man, the player has to defeat eight bosses (while obtaining their weapons) before facing off against Dr Wily. In this series, you control the Mascot Mook of the games, a Metool known as "Hard Hat". Each of the games has Hard Hat pissed off at Wily for some reason, and hence makes him want to destroy Wily's ambitions in some way or other (though the two usually reconcile at the end of the game). Hard Hat: The Rebellion (2003) Hard hat is ready to do kill anything Dr. Wily wants. But, when he uses HH to do yet another menial task, HH rebels. Hard Hat 2: War Ensemble (2003) Everything was going well in Wily City, gas prices were high and people were terrified. Until, one day, Mr. X arrives. Both games will delight Mega Man fans with authentic, addictive gameplay from the NES series, coupled with new storylines and "boss" monsters. Although graphics are "ripped" from original games, they are superbly arranged to create new levels that are much harder than the originals. Fortunately, Hard Hat can gain new weapons and abilities much like Mega Man does - typically after defeating each boss. Hard Hat III (2012) Shortly after the defeat of Dr. X, Dr. Wily then decides to make 8 new robot masters. This does not bode well with our hero Hard Hat and he goes out to destroy Wily's new machines. Hard Hat IV (2017) It has been 5 years since Hard Hat imprisoned Dr. Wily and this time Wily teams up with Light to make new Robot Masters.
Free Games 1-4 1.8MB+2.7MB+6.5MB+6.3MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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