Elex Piranha Bytes / THQ Nordic 2017

This is a handcrafted action role-playing experience from the award-winning creators of the Gothic series, set in a brand new post-apocalyptic Science Fantasy universe that puts players into a huge seamless game world full of original characters, mutated creatures, deep moral choices and powerful action. You join the war over a powerful resource that gives people great magic-like powers, but turns them into indifferent cold creatures. You decide if emotions and humaneness or cold synthetic logic will rule the world of Magalan. Features: Completely seamless Open World experience without borders and loading zones for the ultimate exploration experience; Vertical Exploration - Use the jetpack to reach any place in the game world; Simulated game world where everything reacts to the players actions and provides for an authentic atmosphere; Highly interconnected quest system that support true player choices; Tactical and challenging combat system for close and ranged combat; Universe set in a post apocalyptic science fantasy universe that combines the most interesting aspects of all genres.
Download: None currently available

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