Sandy & JĂșnior: Aventura Virtual [Pt] Green Land Studios 2003

This game featuring the 2 popular (at the time) Brazilian pop-singers Sandy & Junior, also featured in Acquaria O Jogo, used graphics with 3D photo realism feature, capturing real objects for a better visual of the game. The story of the game takes place on the university campus where Sandy and Junior study. They discover a powerful virus on university computers. This virus will destroy all computer information and spread over the Internet in 24 hours. Enter the computer lab and remove the virus immediately without being seen by security guards and cameras. But beware of so-called friends, they can put the whole mission in danger. Enter buildings, use elevators, ventilation ducts, stairs, etc. Explore the entire campus area. Use modern infiltration technologies, such as night vision goggles, communicator, etc. Avoid security systems, surveillance cameras and guards. Use your cunning to finish all missions and eliminate this virtual threat.
Portuguese ISO Demo 87MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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