Black Rainbow Cateia d.o.o. / Libredia 2013

Black Rainbow is a point-and-click adventure game set in the Amazon rainforest in which you have to discover the cause of the natives in the area attacking your hut, and put a stop to the greater evil that's behind it. The game consists of inventory-based puzzles, timing-based reflex games, and logic puzzles - many of which are 'lights out'-based (flip all the switches to the 'on' position, but some affect other switches at the same time.) There are in-game achievements, all but one of which can be unlocked in a single playthrough, but they are only within the game itself and not unlockable in Steam for instance. There are also several different difficulty settings to choose from when starting the game. The interface is fairly standard for adventure games, but it includes a map system that alerts you to where active puzzles are located, and allows you to jump directly to any location you've already unlocked. There is no way to die, so there is no need to repeatedly save your progress, and your game will be saved automatically when you quit.
Multi11 ISO Demo 476MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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