Black Morph Selmiak, Creamy and Emont 2017

As a Black Morph, use your ability to turn into living things to make your way through an enchanting forest. Winner of the MAGS competition January 2017. Pick of the month May 2017. It's a cleverly crafted pixel art point and click adventure in which you don’t collect items to use, you transform into them – using your special morphing powers you can turn into any living thing that you touch. Your overall goal is to venture into a dark cave, but to do that you’ll need some source of light. You start off with very few transformative powers, but as you explore and touch more plant life and creatures that live within the game world you’ll be able to turn into them at the click of a button and use their unique attributes to your advantage. It’s an intuitive system and the game packs some inventive puzzle design into its short play time.
Free Game v0.2.0 39MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

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