Resurgence Lightning Man Media 2017

He was a drunk and a gambler who tried to leave his demons behind. But when his daughter Rosie goes missing after a car crash, Jason Dawn thinks his debts with the mob have come back to haunt him. His past leads him to a final confrontation where Jason learns the terrible truth. Large, open map with interactive environments and hidden secrets. Immersive, narrative-driven gameplay with cinematic cutscenes and captivating voice acting. Ambient soundtrack and realistic sound effects. Intricate, aesthetic landscape complete with photorealistic terrain features and a day-night cycle. Puzzles and mini-games including wolf battles, duck hunts, and other challenges. Unravel the mysteries of Resurgence through four heart-pounding episodes that will take you on an emotional ride. Download episode one today. More episodes will be announced soon.
Download: None currently available

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