Dan [J] Pony Canyon Inc. 1995

In 1938, autumn. Cosmonaut Dan Bridget was flying the Caribbean sky by manipulating the love machine's "Martin Db-4 ". The clear skies and the flight were comfortable. However, a huge thunder cloud which eats the blue sky in front of him suddenly appears, and wraps the airplane. Heavy rain and thunder. The aircraft trembled, and finally the Thunder struck. A breeze... and then he witnessed an unbelievable spectacle in this darkness. A passing sky, propeller plane, warship, ancient ruins, tropical Salar, secret military fortress, explosions, flaming, and one trap. Dan is a super adventure game on the South American stage before World War II. It's an interactive animated story dynamically deployed with more than 3,000 videos.
Japanese ISO Demo 134MB (uploaded by myloch)

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