Big Kahuna Reef Reflexive Entertainment Inc. 2004

This is a tile matching puzzle game, which consists of two game modes and 150 levels. A level consists of a geometric figure, divided into squares, filled with different aquatic items (pearls, mussels, starfishes, etc.). Now you have to swap two adjacent items so that this will create a chain of at least three items of the same type. Once this happens, the items vanish and new items dropping down from above. Destroy all wooden and metal squares by combining a chain over them and you will finish the level. If you play in timed mode, you only have a limited time. When time runs out, you loose a life. After completing a certain amount of levels, you will unlock different fishes for your personal reef, totaling in 22 different species. In the My Fish Screen, you can set up a new reef, releasing fishes or group of fishes into your own reef and you can even watch your own "aquarium" as long as you want. When you continue your game, this particularly reef will be used as the background, and all the fishes will eventually swim through the game. The game offers two different game modes, whereby the only difference is that the one is time based (playing against the clock), while the other is without any time limits, where you can play a level as long as you want. Finally, it offers a level editor, so you can create your own levels, when those 150 aren't enough.
Full Demo (GameHouse version) 6.3MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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