Gustavinho em o Enigma da Esfinge [Pt] 44 Bico Largo Multimídia 1996

Gustavinho in ... The Enigma of the Sphinx is a Brazilian adventure conceived by Ale McHaddo, with the participation of Marisa Orth as Cleopatra. The game tells the story of a boy who ended up calling a mummy lord and was sent to Ancient Egypt. To return home, Gustavinho faces various challenges and travels in Europe of Julius Caesar and Africa of the pharaohs. The game begins with a football game in which Gustavinho ends up kicking a ball at an old man sitting on a bench in the square. However, by demanding the ball back, he ends up being rude to the old man, who ends up sending him to Ancient Egypt. On the "trip", Gustavinho goes into the Pyramid of Giza. After finding the exit, he is tested by a typical merchant on the banks of the River Nile, who helps him, after much grumbling, to enter clandestinely in a boat, which takes him to the Sphinx of Giza. In the sphinx, he goes through more challenges. First, decipher an enigma and get into the heart of the monument. There is a statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death. When he leaves the sphinx, he meets the old prophet Nasrudin, essential in the unfolding of the story, for it gives him hints of what he must do to return to his time. It is then he travels to Cleopatra, who gives him one of Anubis's eyes and helps him to go to the emperor of Rome, Julius Caesar. In Rome, he discovers that Julius Caesar is trying to find his eyes to use it in a time machine that would give him total power over the world, conquering Egypt and other kingdoms vital to his plan. Gustavinho manages to steal the other eye and return to Egypt in time to warn Cleopatra of the plans of her beloved, who, after wrecking the ships from Rome, gives him his staff to make the time machine work and promises to seal the Sphinx, so that no one can ever get inside. After that, Gustavinho can return to the present times. In commemoration of the 20 years of the launch, the game was relaunched for mobile devices as Gus in the Esphynx Enigma with English translation and voicovers, HD graphics and new dubbing. The remake lost many of the minigames and cutscenes and had reduced difficulty in some of them. In addition, it gained a help button that indicates the next step to the player. The basis of the story was kept with adaptations and updated jokes.
Portuguese ISO Demo 397MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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