Bungmyeong [K] FEW / Woongjin Media 1997

This is an RPG set in a fantasy version of Ancient China. The adopted son of two legendary swords fighters leaves their secluded home in the mountains to discover his true origins. Battles are fought in an active time battle system with various formation settings. The game features a complex healing system based on oriental medicine. Despite being developed in Korea, the game conveys the typical Chinese Wuxia atmosphere quite well with its oriental music and a graphics style that would look hideous in most other contexts with its low-end plastic doll render sprites, but here it just fits together perfectly. Gameplay follows the standard Final Fantasy formula with random battles and ATB combat, although not without some unique twists. There's a cryptic healing item system based on a characters Yin/Yang alignment and more elaborate combat placement settings than is usual for the genre. Dungeons tend to be a bit on the dull side, with lots of same looking rooms and hallways. The game is almost comically incompletable: Very early on, it just stops unlocking new areas and instead respawns the same boss over again each time his lair is entered.
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Korean ISO Demo 212MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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