Witch's Isle, The Cocosola 2017

On a solitary island somewhat removed from the continent, there is a town—a town ruled by a witch. One night, one of the villagers gets a sudden visit from a witch, who puts her under a curse. If she doesn't find the witch's stolen urn by 4:00 a.m., the curse will kill her. She begins her search, but along the way she starts hearing more and more about the secret of the witch. This is a puzzle-adventure game. Explore the island as you search for the urn and uncover the mystery of the witch. The dream-like scenery of the solitary island town and the people who live there await. The epic story features 7 different endings. See what the islanders are up to. In this game, not only can you control the protagonist, you can also have the camera follow other characters. Maybe you can solve some puzzles by paying close attention to what the other islanders are doing.
Download: None currently available

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