Brain Machine Brainagi Games / Youzu Stars 2017

Early Access Release An accident, then everything begins... Tony lost his mother in a car accident. To find her memory back, Tony input his mind in Brain Machine with help from his father - an expert in AI field. He will do anything to save her. An adventure in the name of L.O.V.E. - You will play as Tony. Explore the amazing Sci-fi world, make use of all elements, keep away from AI Robots and find the Memory Piece. A tinge of doubt, a truth undiscovered - As Tony goes deeper in Brain Machine, he will gradually know about a shocking experiment, and find out the unbelievable truth. Who am "I"? We wonder if "YOU" can indeed find the truth in Brain Machine. Core Elements: Maps on flexible magic cubes; Collect items till 100%; Hide from AI robots (can't be destroyed) around or be shot to death, some can only hear your steps, some can see you when your light on; You can run/walk and light on/off. Trick AI with your skills. And watch out for those weird traps; Apart from enemies and cube-rolling, we beat our brains and design all amazing puzzles, by lines-setting, force mechanics...and sometimes, though AIs are smart, you can make them yours. It's hard to describe all. We really put a lot into this, and we do want to share them with you.
Download: None currently available

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