Nose, The Three Percent Games 2017

Welcome to Gogol's unordinary world. On the 25th of March a bizarre incident is happened in St. Petersburg. Major Kovalev woke up with absence of his pimpled nose in his face. And dear player, you can't imagine what means that someone like Kovalev loses his nose. More importantly you can't imagine what kind of stories occured around that day in St. Petersburg. But at least Kovalev has a someone like you in the search of his nose. And at least you have someone like me for narrating the story. So, will you help Major Kovalev to find his nose in the streets of St. Petersburg? Key Features: A story-driven experience adapted from one of the Gogol's story; Side stories and missions; An open world city that is influenced from St. Petersburg; Little games with meaningful contents.
Download: None currently available

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