Super Collapse! GameHouse, Inc. 2001

Your job is it to remove blocks of the same color from the playfield as fast as possible. When you start a level, you are presented with a 12x15 big playfield (width by height), where only the bottom line is filled with colored blocks. However, new lines are forming below the bottom, when the new line is complete, it will replace the bottom line, and the bottom line will move one line up. As soon as a new line drops in while the top line is at the top position, you have lost. To counter this, simply click on any block in the playfield. If it has no or only one same colored adjacent block, nothing happens. However, if it has at least two same colored adjacent blocks, all three (or more) blocks will vanish, and all blocks on top of this now empty space are falling down, filling the gap. At the beginning of a level, you have plenty of time, but the line completion will increase to an insane speed, so you don't have time to think about with group is more worth removal (the more blocks you remove at once, the higher you score). From level to level, the amount of new lines will increase. At level one it's just 25 lines, some levels later you have to deal with hundreds of lines. To help you on your task, the game offers different bombs, which will blast some blocks away. The normal black bomb will destroy all blocks in a certain radius, while colored bombs destroying all same colored blocks in the playfield. For beating the highscore, you have to completely clear the bonus levels. The problem here is, that all blocks must vanish, if one is still in the playfield, you miss the bonus score. So, think carefully. But on the other side, you only have 15 seconds.
Full Demo (GameHouse version) 1.1MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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