Wheel of Fortune GameHouse, Inc. 2005

Take the wheel for a spin in the online version of television's most popular game show, Wheel of Fortune. Pick a consonant or buy a vowel to solve one of many puzzles in categories such as 'Phrase,' 'Same Name,' or 'Before & After.' Watch the money pile up as you progress through the puzzles but beware: your next spin could land you on 'Bankrupt' or 'Lose a Turn!' This exciting word puzzle game is exactly like the TV show. It has very clear instructions on how to play it. It also presents exciting colorful graphics that keeps the player wanting more. It is a great tool for people who want to practice their English vocabulary. It is based on the American TV show with the same name. The player can choose the characters appearance, including hair color and style. The goal of the game is to solve the mystery word puzzle that is on the board. You have to spin the wheel. With the money you win, you can either pick to buy a vowel or choose a consonant. Once you have an idea of what it is, you can go ahead and guess. The more money you win, the better off you are. But be careful, because the money can also run out quickly. Be very alert when it comes to choosing the letters you want. Be very alert when it comes to choosing the letters you want. Under the board, you have a clue as to what category the phrase on the board is aiming at. That helps a great deal when trying to solve the puzzle.
Full Demo (GameHouse version) 2.5MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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