Eternal Lore Hitbear Studio 2017

This is a classic Action-RPG Game where the player can explore the world and dungeons while battling monsters and bosses, solving puzzles during the adventure and collect items to craft powerful equipment and gain access to even more powerful skills during your adventure. After the Demon Lord Berial was slain by the brave hero, the world is once again peaceful. Many new adventurers inspired by the heroic deeds took up arms to help people throughout the land. Little did everyone know however, that the progeny of Berial still walks among them, waiting to unleash its accursed father and wreak havoc upon the world once more. As one of many new adventurers joining the guild, you never quite expect that you are about to be involved with the series of unfortunate events and ill omens that will shake the world to its core. Follow the path to glory as you walk the path of the brave and become the new hero that the world needs. Experience the classic action-RPG experience, fighting myriad enemies while solving quests throughout your adventurer. Help the people and gain new knowledge to learn new skills and abilities. Keep your eyes peeled for some parodic, tragic and astonishing experience that will unfold as you made your exploits known. Fast real time combat - Battle your enemies with wide arrays of weapons, skills and abilities. Unleash your attack upon them while avoiding their counterattacks with might and cunning to achieve victory. Customize your character to match with your play style - Every skills will benefit your with passive effect as you equip them. Equipping Magic skills will raise your Magic Attack and make you a powerful caster while lowering your Physical Attack. Fire Skill likewise, will attune you towards fire resistance but will also makes you vulnerable to water. Equip Signet skills to gain access to new abilities such as Double Jump, Healing Boost and Quick Cooldown. The choice to customize is entirely yours. Various type of Equipment - Choose your equipment wisely as you arm yourself to brave new challenges and adversaries. Monster Arena - Challenge the vicious monsters of the arena for BP! Exchange BP for fabulous prizes afterwards. Secret Area and Boss - Get ready to explore the world for hidden areas and secret challenges that will enrich your experience.
Download: None currently available

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