Super Lucky's Tale Playful Corporation 2017

This is a 3D platform game developed by the creators of the series' previous installment, Lucky’s Tale. We play as the titular fox Lucky who, together with his sister, tries to recover the Book of Ages stolen by the evil Jinks. It's in many ways similar to other 3D platformers like Yooka-Laylee or Rayman series. Gameplay focuses on exploration of various locations. Lucky is an agile fox that can jump, move object from one place to another, climb, and dig in the ground. We use his abilities to move around the game’s locations, bypass obstacles, solve simple riddles, and collect gold coins. Action is presented from a third-person perspective, but the game offers a special side-scrolling level with challenges where our adventures are presented like in old-school platform games. It was released as a part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program – if you buy a digital copy of the game on Xbox One, you get its Windows 10 edition for free (and vice-versa).

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Download: None currently available

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