Adventures of Bleeposaurus andUP GmbH / Nick Arcade 2003

The game first takes place in Dinovia, a village where dinosaurs live in peace. But things aren't so peaceful when a young triceratops named Vela is informed that her destiny is to wear the Amulet of Power and lead the dinosaurs into an age of, well, MORE peace. The bad part is spies were repoting information about Vela's destiny to their master, King Tyranus, who, after hearing the news, went to Dinovia and captured Vela. The player is cast as Bleep, Vela's brother, who must go through four levels, in four different worlds (Dinovia, Valendar, Tundrar, and Moltor). Play as Bleep and move through level after level of 3-D Jurassic worlds, waging war on nasty prehistoric reptiles and other creepy beasties, to bring your sister home. Collect amulets, avoid obstacles, rid Dinovia of the Tyranus's minions, and rescue Vela before it's too late. Features: Battle tons of dino-enemies; Four huge 3D levels to explore; Lots of amulets to collect. After Bleep defeats Tyanus, the player is cast as Vela, who then goes through all the levels in reverse order. The game is won when Vela goes back to where Bleep started the game.
Full Demo (3D Groove GX) 4.1MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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