Magic Ball 2 / Smash Frenzy 2 Dream Dale / Big Fish Games 2004

The popular Magic Ball series pays tribute to the arcade gameplay of Breakout, in which you remove all of the bricks on the screen using a ball, a paddle and select bonuses. The original Magic Ball was the first Breakout remake to feature 3D level design based on locations and objects found in the real world. Magic Ball 2 is an all-new sequel featuring additional bonuses, enhanced special effects and elaborate level design. With more addictive game play, and more stunning 3D graphics, this contains more of everything you could want, including over 100 new innovative 3D layouts with animated characters and all new power-ups. One stage, for example, includes a pastoral setting that begins with sheep grazing in a field and a brook flowing past a small cottage; moments later, dozens of balls are bouncing around the screen, the house is crumbling and bonuses are raining toward the paddle. You will also stop a runaway train, demolish a burning building and topple a giant monster rampaging through city streets. Luckily, cannons and other weapons will give you the upper hand.
Full Demo (GameHouse version) 7.1MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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