Casseta e Planeta: Noite Animal [Pt] ATR Multimídia 1996

The purpose of the game Animal Night is to go to the party at Mother Joana's house try to eat someone. Controlling the protagonist Zé Mané, a middle-class teenager with the a thousand hormones, you follow the narrative in an adventure game and go after your dream, seemingly impossible, to have sex with a real woman. In the course of your journey you are challenged with various mini-games of different genres that try to copy very badly the main successes of the electronic games of the time: Tetris, Doom, PacMan, Space Invaders, etc. Whenever possible, inserting not-so-hidden references to sexual organs and humor with gays, minorities, police, women, the pope, more gay men and more sex organs. In the mid-1990s, it seemed that nothing could stop the humorous monopoly established by the group Casseta & Planeta. Originally two humor groups responsible for different publications, the Casseta Popular and the Daily Planet, the group, still in the 1980s, began to make a success with humor and music shows, culminating in their first album, Preto com um Hole na Meio, title that shows well what the boys came. At the same time, they began working for television, first as writers for the Pirata TV program and then in 1992, with the debut of their Cassette and Urgent Planet program on Globo network, which aired until 2010, four years later the passing of good old Bussunda.
Portuguese ISO Demo 114MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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