Rockman Dash: Adventure To Save The Planet [Ch] Strawberry Software / New Skill C&C Corp 1998

The game takes place in outer space and has very little to do with the actual world of Legends. The main portion is a mode where Megaman starts out in the middle of a city and has to answer quiz questions correctly to diffuse bombs that have been scattered about by Teisel. This mode of play resembles overworld exploration in Downtown Kattelox. You have streets with moving cars, various buildings all around, and a view of the wide ocean beyond. However, there are no people to talk to, there's no interacting with objects like trash cans, no buildings to enter, and of course the entire visual and gameplay side of things are, as with the rest of the game, like a poorly made fan game. All there is to do is track down the bombs and answer the questions. There are 511 questions in the game, but each bomb (12 in all) only requires that you answer 4 correctly. Each time you do, a ? slot on the bomb will change to a letter, eventually spelling out SAFE if you are successful. There is a ticking clock on each bomb however, and an incorrect answer will instantly drop the timer down 10 seconds. If you fail, the game ends and you return to the title screen, no fancy explosion. There is also a mini-game arcade. "PUSH" is a Sokoban clone with only 20 levels. "AUTO" is a simple ChuChu Rocket grid puzzle where the player guides Volnutt to the goal by laying arrows and blocks. "OCCUPY" is a Dot-Line game where up to 2 players turns drawing on the board to create the most 2x2 boxes. "CAVE" is a literal on-rails shooter where Mega Man rides towards the screen on a platform maneuvering through a pinball wire ramp in a city, all while dodging explosive boxes and shooting at flying threats.
Chinese ISO Demo (provided by myloch & upped by Scaryfun) 225MB

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