Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition Dreamz Studio 2017

Early Access Release Greetings, MagiCat. As an all-powerful cat wizard, you will no doubt be focused on two goals. Number one: building awesome arenas to share with your companions, making you the most influential MagiCat Builder. And number two: fighting monsters in thousands of arenas created by others, to become the most respected MagiCat Fighter. This is a 2D sandbox platformer with a twist. Create your own levels - tricky, hilarious or puzzling - with a powerful but easy-to-use in-game coding interface, crafting your own game experiences on the fly. Use simple visual scripts to create custom behaviours - from cowardly treasure thieves who run away on sight, to epic bosses that summon kamikaze skeletons. Watch your code come to life in real-time, then share your creations with the rest of the world. Part sandbox platformer, part easy-to-master 2D game-making tool, it invites you on an inspiring journey of creativity and imagination. Create, play, share - and become the most respected MagiCat of all. Features: Use simple visual programming to create your own game experiences; Craft your own exciting levels via a range of building blocks; Create custom behaviours for enemies and environments; Develop your coding skills and build entirely new sandbox platformers; Share your creations for the world to enjoy. What are you waiting for?
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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