Tenshi ni Chijoku no Senrei O Vision 1999

The fate of the goddess Erushione was looking for an angel to be a servant of his own to find the hero that is a likely to be run over by a car and the place that requires only a true fraction of an instant for death to rewrite his fate or the hero will be dead. The hero uses the ability of possession from the goddess to make people happy. The main character swears to make people unhappy with their power to take revenge on the goddess. Go to the place where the girls are located on the map screen, the map movement type + alternative choice type adventure. The event begins when you go to the place where the girl is. From the choice you make, the girl's ending will change. There's four endings, and the ending branches with the number of unhappy girls there are. By the way, if you make everyone unhappy or make everyone happy, you have a reward. One play is about an hour. It is very easy to play.
Japanese ISO Demo 226MB (uploaded by annoyment)

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