Adventures of Bleeposaurus: Dragonfire andUP GmbH 2006

In this sequel platformer game made with 3D Groove, Bleep and Vela return the amulet of power to dinovia, but find out that dragons were there. Vela is the main character of the easy game, and Bleep is the main character of the hard game. Bleep is back - the evil Tyranus has been defeated, but now Bleep and friends must face Skaarg. Use your fast fingers to move Bleep through a prehistoric 3-D world defeating enemies, avoiding obstacles, and casting spells to obliterate the nefarious Skaarg in this dragon-sized adventure. Features: Defeat Skaarg; Brand new magic spell system; Huge, fully explorable 3-D world.
Full Demo (3D Groove GX) 8.6MB (uploaded by UberLamer)

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