Rockman Strategy [Ch] Dream Come True / Third Wave Publishing 2001

This official game released only in China mimicks the grid-based tactical strategy genre, while featuring a fleshed-out story. At some unknown time, alien robots based on the astrological zodiac crash onto Earth via a meteroite. The 12 bots from outer space, along with their leaders Apollo and Luna, are discovered by Dr. Wily and used by the madman to terrorize the planet with earthquake, floods, storms, and more. As usual, it's up to Mega Man and his pals to save the day, though a new friend is along for the ride. Much of the game is played out on the battlefield with each soldier unit's turn order given via active time bars, like in Final Fantasy. Each character on the field has one of the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) attributed to them, except for Fan. Mega Man is a special case as he can change his attribute when needed, as each element has a weakness to the other. Robot Masters from the first eight games can be recruited after defeating them, joining forces to take down the constellation menace and Dr. Wily. And of course the squad is leveld up throughout the game. Dr. Light's Lab is a safe haven to purchase equipment and healing items for the next skirmish. While the game does an okay job as a Mega Man-themed tactical strategy title, the art is once again amateurish. The sprites are a terrible Phong-shaded pre-rendered mass of smooth cylinders and spheres clashing together.
Chinese 2CD ISO Demo (provided by myloch & upped by Scaryfun) 748MB

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