Doomsday Ark HuaYiGame 2017

Early Access Release This is a game all about survival. We want to make players to feel what it's like to live in a post-apocalyptic world from the beginning, so all possible scenarios a survivor may encounter were considered and simulated to a certain degree. These elements include uncertainty of the wasteland, feeling of adrenalin riddle your blood when fighting against zombies way powerful than yourselves, strategies you will take to live and decisions to make once encounter other survivors. The game is all about exploration. Each adventure is unique, and the uncertainty of it ensures the excitement for the players. That's why the map is randomly generated by the system in the game. There will be random resources in the game, and that's one of the most important assets in the game. Players can use those resources to build tools to survive. The following figures are crucial for player's survival and the player will die if any drop to 0: [1]HP is lost when get attacked, and is restored slowly in out-of-combat situation. Crafting weapons will help you to kill the zombies faster; [2]Hunger is lost gradually, and make food helps you to add hunger figure; [3]Stamina is lost in out-of-rest situation; rest in bed helps you to restore stamina. The better bed quality, the shorter rest time required which gives you the chance to make more items; [4]Hygiene is lost when the character is sick, including wound (in battle), internal disease (food problem) and drug addict (drug abuse). You can use medicines to cure the sickness and restore the hygiene points; [5] Spirit is lost if the other figures drop below a certain level, you can use some items and spend time to rest to restore spirit. Stealth is a key concept in the game, character will switch to stealth mode on hearing any zombie noise. The character can run if no zombie can be heard around. Relevant Items are necessary in every battle and will be consumed at the end of the battle, and how to make full use of them is also a challenge. Time plays a vital role in the game. Time is necessary in all explore, develop and battle activities. In instances, the time is lost gradually. The time is also lost gradually in developing (learn or build) or move the target in the shelter. Make good use of time is key pleasure of the game. The shelter may under attack when the character is asleep. You cannot see the attack and you can only check the defense when wake up. You can build all kinds of defensive measures to repel the zombie invasion, and the character will die if the defense is breached. There will be day and night in the game, 12 hours for each part. Zombies are dummy during the day time and aggressive in the night. So you can execute exploration during the day and stay in the shelter to learn, build or rest at night. During the 12 hours in the day time, some will be used on your way to explore. You'd better take as more items as possible in the scene for the rest of the time! If the character failed to leave the scene when the night comes, the zombies will rampage and have the character surrounded. If the night falls on your way back, the zombies will attack you on your way back. In the open map such as the park, players can use the trap to catch small animals for food. Small animals have their own reproduction system, over prey them and you may not find them again.
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