Yorkshire Gubbins Stairfall Institute / Green Mesa Ltd 2017

Are you safe? Are you clean? Are you normal? If the answer's yes... you probably don't live in Gubbins. A bride, cloned by a slug monster on her big day. A robot on the run from a "Spork Jogger". Two print and trophy shop owners addicted to LARPing. A celebrity chef with underpants that hold a terrible, terrible secret. A normal Thursday, then. This a series of daft hour-long point and click comedy adventures set in a twisted version of Yorkshire, which is basically where hobbits would live if hobbits were tall and angry all the time. Key Features: Fully voiced by a cast with the same accent they have on Game of Thrones; Beautiful STEGGYVISION bringing the never-ending beige and grim hills of Yorkshire to life; The best writing and British humour ever in a Yorkshire based game; The ONLY game ever to be set in Yorkshire; Experience the unique hexMuse dynamic music system; Regular new episodes; Standalone stories that can be played in any order. Episode #1 - Humble Pie - being the Terrible Consequences Of Ruining Your Best Friend's Wedding. Episodes #2 - 5 - Coming soon. Bonus: Holy Molluscamony - the short pilot episode that started it all. A bride has been cloned by... a slug monster? Again?!
Download: None currently available

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